We have created a fundraising tool kit for group leaders and sellers to utilize, so they have everything they need to run a successful fundraiser! You'll find everything from introductory information to helpful tools to promote your fundraiser! If there's something you need that isn't included, let us know and we'll be happy to help.

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Information and tools from your local dealer to help you get your fundraiser off on the right foot.

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Fundraiser Dates

Check out the following sample Wooden Spoon Cookie Dough fundraiser dates! They are flexible depending on what works best for your groups, but they are a great guideline to get you started! Remember to keep any holidays/breaks in mind.

  • Fall 2024
  • Spring 2025
  • Are the dates you want different from what's listed above or over the summer? Let us know what you have in mind! We typically set 2-week sales with totals due 2-4 days after the sale end, and delivery at least 2 weeks after totals come in.
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Wooden Spoon Cookie Dough Fundraising Information

Learn more about Wooden Spoon Cookie Dough and our fundraising program. You and your family will love our wide range of warm, fresh gourmet cookies right out of your oven! Supporting your community will only make it sweeter!

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Fundraiser Promotional Tools

Are you getting ready to host a Wooden Spoon Cookie Dough fundraiser? Whether it is your first time running with us or your fifth, we think these documents will help you get your fundraiser off on the right track. You can customize many of the items below for your group or organization.

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Helpful Videos

Check out our collection of fundraising videos. These videos feature information from our fundraising program.

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