Let us help you raise some dough!

Butter Braid pastry Fundraising group

Butter Braid Pastry Fundraiser          Mrs. Fields Cookie Dough Fundraiser

We take great pride in standing for honorable causes and dedicated service to those in need of raising funds. Our focus is on providing the support needed to help you reach their goals. Our fundraisers help benefit groups of all sizes, from entire schools to individuals. A sampling of some of our groups:

- Bands/Orchestras

- Booster Clubs

- Charities

- Cheer/Pom

- Choirs

- Church Groups

- Dance Studios

- Gymnastics

- Parent Organzations

- People to People

- Preschools

- School Trips

- Service Groups

- Scouts

- Recreational Sports

- School Sports

- Travel/Club Sports

- Student Councils

- Scouts

- Service Groups